Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you buy vintage sewing patterns?

If you do could you please give me your opinion by posting a comment?

I have so many patterns to list (see below) that I may need to rethink the way I list them. Right now, on my website, I show a scan of both the front and back of each pattern, a brief description and, along with the vintage size, I provide the measurements given on the pattern. I also state the condition of the pattern as well as if it is cut or uncut.
Here is a typical pattern listed on my site.
I have tried different versions of this layout and you'll find some listings where I didn't show a picture of the back of the pattern.
If all I had to do was scan the pattern, add a title that included the company, pattern #, brief description of the garment & measurements I could list all these patterns a lot quicker. Of course I would include the condition of the pattern. But if they don't sell then it is all for naught.
So here are my questions.
When you shop online for vintage sewing patterns how important is it to you that there is:
(on a scale from 1 -not important to 6 -very important)
1) A picture of the back of the pattern envelope.______
2) A detailed description of the garment (ie gored skirt, inset sleeves).________
3) Measurements._________

Post your comments to help a girl out.


The Pear Project said...

I think all 3 of those items are very important with a vintage pattern. I love details! If not a photo then words.

The Pear Project said...

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Anonymous said...

1) A picture of the back of the pattern envelope.____6__
2) A detailed description of the garment (ie gored skirt, inset sleeves)._____6___
3) Measurements.__6_______

I wish people would put sizes in their titles as well. Then I know whether to look further or not. Another pet peeve is please tell me if the pattern is complete or not. If you don't have that in your listing I won't buy.

The Vintage Peddler said...

Thanks Pearl!
Anon-Thanks. I put the size and at least the bust measurement in the title. I agree with you.

This is interesting. I know when I shop for patterns it is mostly the picture and size/measurements that I need. I can tell by the pictures what kind of sleeves or skirt it has so I don't personally need to see all that spelled out. That's why it's good to get others' perspective. You've got me thinking though. All my patterns are complete so I just give condition and cut or uncut. I guess I should add 'complete', huh? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

All those are important. I really like the picture on the back the best bc you can really tell what pattern you're buying. Measurements are important, but for me not too essential bc I can use the pattern as a guideline. Detailed discr. I would say for me, not really that important. Usually you can see from the picture what kind of details the pattern will have.

Anonymous said...

- Pattern backview : 6/6
- Measurements : 0/6
- Description : 0/6

As long as the views are large enough to read.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

1)Back of envelope - 0
2)Detailed description - 3
3)Measurements - 6

Honestly, I don't need to see the pattern diagram on the back of the envelope. But bust size in the title is very important.

A detailed description is more important from a seller's point of view, since those keywords (in the description) will help bring search traffic to the pattern.

Anne said...

Picture of back: 1

Detailed description: 3

Measurements: 6

A back view of the envelope is nice only if there are versions of the garment that aren't pictured on the front. A moderately detailed description is fine, i.e., "gored skirt" is sufficient; not "8-gore" skirt... As long as the photo is clear enough to see some details, then highly detailed description isn't needed. Measurements are critical, and a bust measurement in the title is a must!

Terry said...

1) A picture of the back of the pattern envelope.___4___
2) A detailed description of the garment (ie gored skirt, inset
sleeves).___3 if there is a really good picture of the pattern and the back of the envelope picture is included--otherwise 6_____
3) Measurements.___6______

Anonymous said...

As a costumer, seeing the back of the pattern is important for finding out how much fabric (sometimes vintage fabric) is needed for budgeting. And, of course, the measurements help a lot. A detailed description is probably the least important as long as the picture does the pattern justice. The back of the pattern picture helps in that way too, as you can tell a lot about the construction of the piece from the pattern pieces themselves.
Hope this helps you! I buy your patterns all the time on ebay, and I love them, even though they sometimes break my budget!

The Vintage Peddler said...

Wow! Lots of great input. Thanks so much guys. Keep those comments coming.

Liz said...

I think all are important, but the back is the least of the three when I doing an initial search for a pattern. But when I'm really deciding then the back is key.

Maybe you could send a copy of the back upon request, for someone who is seriously interested in the pattern.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

If I were buying the pattern for sewing I would list a 6 on all 3 points