Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm rediscovering the seventies

I often get emails from people looking for specific vintage sewing patterns. If I have time -I do try to look through the inventory I have that I haven't listed on the website yet. Problem is that I have accumulated such a large collection that this is getting harder and harder. I really need to devote about 2 weeks to listing just patterns. (more on this later)

I have been infatuated with the 40's and 50's for so long that I have been especially lax in listing 60's & 70's patterns.
Well I got an email the other day from a really sweet customer asking if I had this pattern:
Simplicity 7623
With my partner/daughter Brooke working the Southern Christmas Show this week I found myself easily distracted so any excuse to get away from the computer was welcome. I really did think I recognized the pattern. So I went on the hunt. Thats when I relized that I must have over 500 vintage sewing patterns from the 70's alone that I haven't uploaded to the website yet. I thought for a moment that they must have started their own free love, 70's style, commune in my stock room and, left alone in the dark, well...multiplied. So anyway, what I thought would take me a few minutes sort through ended up taking up the afternoon. And even though I never did find that pattern, I did thoroughly enjoy taking a walk down memory and 70's fashions. I think I found my inner hippie and I definitely came away with a renewed appreciation for high waisted bellbottom pants, angel sleeve tops, maxi dresses and peasant skirts. Now I just have to find my old lace up moccasins.

Oh, I did find these 70's shirt patterns that were kind of close.

I'll get these and more listed soon but if you see one you like before then just let me know.

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Here's a 7623: