Thursday, March 06, 2008

Work From Home - 1920's Style

Hand made Handkerchief Co. Chicago

Good work if you can get it I guess! $2.00 a day you say? Sign me up! Not!

This document and packet of silk handkerchiefs came in an old steamer trunk that I bought a couple of years ago at auction. The trunk is chock full of Victorian era through 20's clothing and textiles that I am just now going through and photographing to list for sale.
But this letter and the accompanying silk and trim really fascinates me so I thought I would share. To say "We've come a long way, baby." would be a huge understatement.
The document is dated July 20, 1929. The Hand Made Handkerchief Co. of Chicago placed advertisements in newspapers throughout the South offering young wives and mothers the opportunity to do "pleasant dignified work" from home so that they can "earn the necessary money to get the many little things that (they) you have often wished for."
Well, first they are asked to send in $1 because they "cannot afford to send this material out promiscuously as too many people would be asking for it" don't you know. Then they will send them out 2 partially finished handkerchiefs. After finishing these handkerchiefs, if they pass 'inspection' they will send the young lady out the material to begin work. Oh, it will come COD for $2. So- so far it has cost this lady $3- but fear not. For each silk handkerchief that she intricately embroiders she will be paid 20 cents! She is told that she can earn up to $2 a day!
I think whoever owned this trunk was much like myself. Lured in at first, she cut her losses at $3 and this little stack of silk is all that is left to show for it. Much like the Mary Kay starter kit and Avon samples I have sitting in the closet.


Anonymous said...

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the thing is im in ny this week, and if theres a possibility of buying them in person itd be great. you have my phone number in your data base...but ill give you my mail...

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