Thursday, May 10, 2007

70's Revisited or I survived clackers-Did you?
I was about 12 years old when I got my first pair. Yeah-they were PINK!
Back then people didn't worry about silly little things like seatbelts, car seats, secondhand smoke or cholesterol. So, it should come as no surprise that little attention was paid to toy safety. Heck, clackers were harmless compared to some of the childhood toys I live through. I still have scars from a horrifyingly traumatic Creepy Crawly Machine incident. You remember-metal mold trays filled with hot melted goo. And, boy did that little light bulb in my Easy Bake oven get hot. Well, hot enough to cook brownies as well as fingers.
So, imagine my excitement when my daughter called me from an auction last weekend. "Mom, there's a huge box of Ka nockers here. I am not sure what they are but they look old." "Huh?" I replied. That's not what we called them so I had no idea what she was talking about. "You know. I don't know. There, like, two balls on a string with a little ring." She said. That triggered a flash flood of long repressed memories!

"Get'em! gotta get'em!" *must have must have must have*
You know that little voice. Come on, I'm not the only one that hears the voice. Why are you looking at me like that? Okay, moving on....
Long story short- apparently I wasn't the only one who remembered these and the bidding was fierce but in the end she brought home the prize. About 100 sets of Ka Nockers!
Yeah we have a few bruises but how could we help ourselves. It only took me a few tries to recapture the skill level I had at 12. Okay...that's not saying much. Ouch!
If you remember Clackers-(otherwise known as Bonkers, Champions, Clack Clacks, Clackers, Click Clacks, Crackers, K-Nokkers, Kabangers, Ker- Knockers, Klackers, Klick Klacks, Klik Klaks, Klikies Knicker, Knockers, Knockers, Krazy Klacker, Kwik Klack, Mini Poppers, Moon Rocks, Nocknocks, Popper Knockers, Quick Klacks, Quick Clacks, Quick Wacks) you may want to check out my website. I'll be selling some but not as toys! These are collectables. Times have changed. We do not arm out children these days. These suckers are dangerous.

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Ginger Grutziuss said...

Get outside with those d-m things or I will get rid of them for good!(mom)
Yes me and my brother's were allowed to have them for Christmas, and yes we were all bruised on our wrists, but that didn't stop us. We never knew anyone that had a pair that exploded - but I guess it was true for they were taken off the market, but I sure would love to have a pair to give as a gift! Keep us posted on who wants to sell?