Friday, November 10, 2006

You Can Leave Your Hat On

So, what did they call that hat?

Hats from the forties.

Here's a page out of the Montgomery Ward
Fall/Winter 1941 Catalog. I added the names in bolder print
so they would be easier to read. I know when I am selling vintage
hats sometimes I have trouble describing them or even knowing what kind
of hat they are. So I made up this little cheat sheet to help and
I thought I would share it here. This is just one of several pages
I made up and if there is interest I post the rest of the hat pages from
this catalog.

Here are the names that Montgomery Wards
used starting at the upper left and going counter clockwise.

The Gaucho, The Campus Cap, The Roller, The
Sailor Beret, The Scottie Cap, The Airliner, The Hat & Muff, Fur
Fabric Set, The Pompadour, Dutch Cap, Flowers & Maline, Velvet
Bonnet, Little Bonnet, Sweetheart Bonnet. And in the center from
left to right: The Pork Pie, The Classic Favorite, The Bow Pill
Box & The Big Bonnet.

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